About The Project
Combining digital art and technology is at the heart of what tsitedesign does. This project was an opportunity to illustrate our ability to combine 3D photorealism with front-end web technologies. By combining our attention to detail and years of experience in digital design and development, we were able to create the premium experience you would expect from the Rolex brand.
Every detail was captured and refined in the 3D modeling phase.
Rolex watch being modeled in Maya 3D software.
UV Texturing
To capture the finest details, UV mapping was applied.
Lighting And Camera Placement
Lighting and camera placement were carefully chosen to show off every curve and highlight.
Test rendering of a 3D Rolex watch
3D rendering of a Rolex Watch
Texturing and Material Design
To achieve hyper 3D photorealism, every material was carefully chosen to capture the real-world elements.
3D Rendering of a Rolex Watch
3D Rendering of a Rolex Watch.
Final colors and texture applied to a 3D rendering of a Rolex watch.
Final Rendering – Still Images
Close up photo of a 3D Rolex watch
3D Rendering of a Rolex Watch
3D Rendering of Rolex Watch
Final Animation Applied
The final animation was combined with front-end website technologies.