1800Contacts.com Web Optimization

In 2011, I was asked to join the 1-800 CONTACTS web marketing team to start the company’s A/B and Multivariate website optimization program. I used HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and SiteSpect to develop and deploy new user interface designs and functionality to 1800contacts.com. During the three years I managed the web optimization effort, I was directly responsible for Designing, developing and deploying over 124 UI / UX tests, helping the web team achieve a %22.28 over all conversion rate and ranking the website in the top ten (second in its category) best e-commerce websites by Foresee. (Ranking among Amazon, Apple, QVC, and L.L Bean.)

ServicesA/B Testing, Front-End DevelopmentYear2011 to 2018Linkhttp://www.1800contacts.com

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